Our Services

The Garage offers a wide array of services to help keep your vehicle running smooth and efficiently. Check out some of our auto repair and tune-up services below.


The Garage offers repair and tune-up services to ensure your vehicle is running and performing smoothly.


Regular maintenance on your vehicle helps keep it running efficiently. Every vehcile has a scheduled maintenance book in the glove compartment that you can reference. The Garage offers maintenance services for your vehicle to ensure your car and/or truck is running great.

The Garage • Rehoboth Beach, DE Auto Sales & Repair

Oil Changes

Your engine is made up of many moving parts. Oil changes allow your vehicle to operate smoothly and is essential to engine health. The Garage offers Oil Changes for all types of vehicles. We’ll determine the type of oil your car needs from semi-synthetic to fully synthetic. All of this allows your car to continue operating smoothly.


Brakes are one of the most important safety aspects of your car. If you’ve noticed your brakes are making a squealing noise or you’re having trouble stopping you may need to have your pads/rotors inspected to ensure safety.

Tires & Shocks

Having regularly inspected tires and shocks will help prevent flats or blow-outs while driving. If you’ve noticed your tread on the tires has gotten low it may be time to replace them. The Garage offers replacement Tire and Shock services to help keep your vehicle functioning on the road.

Lift Kits

Want to boost your jeep up a little bit? The Garage offers Lift Kits to help give your vehicle a little bit of boost off the ground! Our Lift Kits will give your vehicle a visually appealing upgrade and will also allow you to put larger wheels/tires on the vehicle as well!

The Garage • Rehoboth Beach, DE Auto Sales & Repair


Broke down? Need a tow? The Garage offers full service towing allowing you to get your vehicle to our shop or your destination so you can get it back up and running again!